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Inspection of Transmission Power Line Construction

Our Customer Comes First:  Our team is dedicated to support and assist our customers in delivering clean, affordable, reliable and sustainable electric energy to their consumers.



Mission Statement: Our team is dedicated to support and assist our customers in delivering clean, affordable, reliable and sustainable electric energy to their consumers.

Professional and expert inspection services are crucial to the successful completion of any transmission power line project. We believe in the value of team working and developing strong working relationships with the customer, contractors and the landowners to achieve better outcomes for all involved. We specialize in facilitating the building process so that each project runs smoothly, efficiently and on time. 

Badger Inspection Service performs third-party Quality Control Inspections for overhead transmission power line construction projects that are contracted to independent construction companies in the Rocky Mountain West of the United States. Quality Control Inspectors are present on construction sites to make sure that overhead transmission power line construction work is being performed in compliance with project plans and engineered specifications and the independent building contractor is on schedule according to the terms of the contract. The experienced professionals at Badger Inspection Service will provide quality inspection services for your project. We serve the Rocky Mountain states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. However, call us if you have projects in other states.

How we find and keep top performing Inspectors.

  • We search out and find exceptional people, self-starters with a strong work ethic. We find people that are able to bring out the best in others. An effective inspector understands that every individual working on the project is important to the overall success or failure of a project - that no individual’s role is insignificant. 
  • Then we hire those inspectors with a vast knowledge of power line construction and maintenance. All of our inspectors have 25+ years of high voltage power line construction and maintenance experience. Our inspectors see what others with less experience don’t. They know it is better to identify issues early and address them immediately. Making course corrections is encouraged to keep the project moving forward in the right direction. 
  • We provide our inspectors all the resources needed to excel in their work. We also have high expectations of the Inspector’s work product. Inspector Reports are expected to be accurate, timely and informative. 
  • We then reward inspectors with exceptional wages, benefits and working conditions. 
  • When the inspector is happy with all aspects of their job, they lift everyone else up around them. 
  • Our Inspectors understand that their role to build and strengthen relationships between all the stakeholders. When everyone feels important and heard, everyone does their best. The result is a project that everyone involved can be proud of.

Cost-Effective Services

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