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Inspection of Transmission Power Line Construction

Our Customer Comes First:  Our team is dedicated to support and assist our customers in delivering clean, affordable, reliable and sustainable electric energy to their consumers.


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 If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, here is how we do business.

How we find and keep top performing Inspectors?

 1. We search out and find exceptional people, self-starters with a strong work ethic. We find people that are able to bring out the best in others. An effective inspector understands that every individual working on the project is important to the overall success or failure of a project - that no individual’s role is insignificant.

 2. Then we hire those inspectors with a vast knowledge of power line construction and maintenance. All of our inspectors have 25+ years of high voltage power line construction and maintenance experience. Our inspectors see what others with less experience don’t. They know it is better to identify issues early and address them immediately. Making course corrections is encouraged to keep the project moving forward in the right direction.

 3. We provide our inspectors all the resources needed to excel in their work. We also have high expectations of the Inspector’s work product. Inspector Reports are expected to be accurate, timely and informative.

 4. We then reward inspectors with exceptional wages, benefits and working conditions.

 5. When the inspector is happy with all aspects of their job, they lift everyone else up around them. Our Inspectors understand that their role to build and strengthen relationships between all the stakeholders. When everyone feels important and heard, everyone does their best. The result is a project that everyone involved can be proud of.

If you know you can fit in with our team, here are the minimum requirements for a field support inspector:

 1. Twenty five plus years experience in high voltage transmission line construction/maintenance as a journeyman lineman, journeyman electrician or transmission construction engineer.

 2. Working knowledge of plans, profiles, specifications, maps, contracts and materials related to transmission power line construction.

 3. Completed OSHA 30 hour Construction training.

 4. Computer skills in Adobe Forms and Microsoft Excel and Word. All of our reports are shared with our staff and customers in electronic format.

 5. Access to a reliable personal four wheel drive vehicle. We reimburse our inspectors for the use of their personal vehicle while on projects.

 6. An independent, self starting individual that is very knowledgeable in transmission line construction/maintenance that can give our customers the piece of mind that their projects will run smoothly, efficiently, timely and to specifications. We are looking for inspectors who are people managers - making sure all the parties are well informed with regular and effective communication. We want problem solvers - people that look ahead and know the project well, foreseeing issues so they can be resolved without slowing down the project. We want inspectors that take pride in a strong work ethic, paying attention to details and excellent interpersonal skills.

 Send your resume to We look forward to meeting you.

Badger Inspection Service is an Equal Opportunity and a Drug-Free Employer.