Badger Inspection Service, LLC
Inspection of Transmission Power Line Construction

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Our Quality Control Field Inspection Projects

2018 Tri-State Generation and Transmission Assn, Nucla-Montrose 230 KV H-structure transmission line and OPGW. Inspection: replace existing transmission line with new 230 KV wood H-structures. 

2017-18 Western Area Power Administration, Granby Pumping Plant-Windy Gap 138 KV Rebuild & Substation (CO). Inspection: Remove 14 miles of existing 69 KV wood pole & build 12 miles of new 138 KV double circuit t-line steel structures. Granby Pump Plant 138 KV substation improvement. 

2017 Western Area Power Administration, Beaver Creek Sterling OPGW (CO). Inspection remove OGW, install OPGW: 35.9 miles Beaver Creek-Sterling (CO); 1.1 miles Erie-Terry Street (CO); 12.7 miles Ault-Weld (CO); 2.2 miles Cheyenne-Snowy Range (WY). 

2017 Western Area Power Administration, Goshen-Torrington Rebuild (WY). Inspection: finish new Goshen Substation; Goshen-Torrington line upgrade from 69 KV to 115 KV insulators, replace 14 wood poles & reroute line to Torrington Sub. Medicine Bow Line Tap Replacement. 

2017 Tri-State Generation & Transmission, Cahone-Maverick 230 KV (CO). Inspection: maintenance of 15 miles of 230 KV T-Line brush & tree removal. 

2017 Tri-State Generation & Transmission, Montrose-Nucla 115 KV (CO). Inspection: 40 miles of right of way. Removal of trees/brush & build and modify right of way access roads and steel structure pads. 

2017 Tri-State Generation & Transmission, Laguna Switch Substation De-commissioning (NM). Inspection: removal of existing 115 KV substation buildings, foundations & equipment. 

2016 Tri-State Generation & Transmission, Alta Luna Tap (NM). Rebuild & add 115 KV Tap. 

2015-16 Tri-State Generation & Transmission, Burlington-Wray (CO). New 72 mile 230 KV transmission line and fiber optic. 

2016 Tri-State Generation and Transmission, Springer-Black Lake (NM). Upgrade and new fiber optic of 30 miles of 115 KV transmission line.  

2015 Tri-State Generation & Transmission, Big Sandy-Limon (CO). Six miles of fiber optic and 230 KV transmission upgrade. 

2015 Tri-State Generation & Transmission, Sheridan Hill Tap (CO). New 115 KV transmission re-route. 

2014 Tri-State Generation & Transmission, Buffalo Head-Grieves (WY). New 4 miles of 230 KV line.